Quality, Service, and Commitment.
These are the values that set InveCast apart.

Since 1992, InveCast has been serving a range of industries with high-quality investment casting products.

Not many companies can say they opened their doors during a recession and continued to thrive and grow for 25 years – but then again, InveCast has always been a little different. As a job shop, we’ve always offered our clients a great degree of flexibility in casting orders. Above all else, our steadfast commitment to quality and service sets us apart from the pack.

A 360 Degree Commitment to High-Quality Products

We pride ourselves on manufacturing some of the finest, highest-quality investment castings available on the market. No matter the job, industry, or quantity, we take every last measure to ensure that our products exceed all expectations.

We know our clients expect the best of us. After all, our products will be utilized in vital applications, whether it be ground support equipment for national defense, oil drills, or industrial hardware. With this in mind, we tackle every project with a determination to make the best possible product.

Unconditionally Dedicated to Excellent Service

If there’s anything we value as much as high-quality products, it’s exemplary service. It all boils down to a simple principal: when we make a commitment, we stick to it – no matter what. We are truly dedicated to meeting and exceeding our clients expectations.

We don’t believe in excuses or extensions. It’s just not in our DNA. We know our business depends upon our timeliness and reliability, and we act accordingly.

Furthermore, we can provide the supportive services you need to create your product. Whether that’s engineering assistance, testing, prototyping, heat treating, or light assembly, we’re committed to successfully casting your product.

Highly Experienced and Constantly Improving

InveCast has succeeded thus far due to the incredible wealth of experience among our staff. With decades of experience in investment casting, we’re able to efficiently and effectively produce superior products for a variety of needs.

However, we know there’s more to continued success than experience. That’s why InveCast is committed to continued innovation and improvement. We are constantly studying our processes, equipment, and techniques to determine methods to improve product quality and efficiency. As a result, our products and services are always ahead of the curve and that translates through our quality of work.

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