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InveCast Corporation is an investment casting company located in Warren, Michigan. For over 25 years, we’ve offered high-quality investment castings for countless industries. We promise to deliver the best products with exemplary service.

Our clients know InveCast to be reliable, timely, and committed to service in everything we do. Regardless of the order size, order type, or any other circumstances, we guarantee our quality will exceed your expectations and our lead times will impress.

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We have proudly served companies in the energy, defense, firearms, and industrial sectors, among others. Our clients use us again and again because they know they can count on us to move mountains to deliver excellent products to meet their time frames.

Our clients get the best of the best with every single order. As a job shop, we also offer the flexibility to cast products that other companies simply cannot. Between our extensive experience in the field, our dedication to continued excellence, and our advanced facility, InveCast remains a leading provider of premium investment castings.

We are ready to Exceed your expectations.

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